How to Order a Savage Guitar

Please fill out the specification sheet below. Include your choice of wood and other options so I can provide you with a current price quote. I will e-mail you the quote, an estimate of start and finish dates, and a deposit schedule. Next, I would like to speak with you on the telephone, to discuss your playing style and expectations for your guitar. If you decide to place an order, I will mail a signed guitar order form specifying design details, final cost of all features and materials, and the estimated finish date. Your signature on that document, returned to me with your first deposit, insures your place in my building schedule. Delivery costs are determined and added when the guitar is completed. Currently, my waiting list is one year.
Savage Guitars

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Mailing address:
Phone (wk./hm.):
Body size (model of guitar):

Wood choice for: back & sides, top, binding, neck, backstrip:
Scale length:

Neck width and construction:
Frets to body (12 or 14):

Describe your choices for the following options: Cutaway, custom inlay, fret position markers, tuners, hardshell case.

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