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About Ken Savage
Master Woodworker
Ken Savage knows wood. He has worked with wood for thirty years. He began his career by constructing custom homes, then worked as a shipwright building sailboats, and then ran his own highly successful fine furniture business. His drive to take on the challenges of varied woodworking projects has made him a master craftsman, intimately aware of the properties and possibilities of wood. Making world-class guitars is the finest use of his accumulated skills.

Professional Musician
Next to wood, the thing Ken knows best is music. Like his woodworking, Ken's guitar playing has evolved over three decades. When he isn't working in his studio, he's playing guitar - alone, in pickup sessions with friends, or in performances with his band members. As his commitment to music grew, it was natural that he would find a way to combine his woodworking talents with his love for music.

The Birth of Savage Guitars
Ken built his first guitar for himself, intending to make an instrument with better tonal qualities than the production guitars available in stores. With his background in fine woodworking and his exceptional ear, his first effort was a guitar he continues to use in performances. Soon, fellow musicians were noticing his Savage guitar and asking him to build guitars for them. Word of Ken's high quality guitars spread quickly, and he found himself building a reputation as a serious luthier with requests for guitars from all over the country.

The Savage Process: Uniting Art and Science
Ken brings a fundamental integrity to guitar making that he learned as a boatbuilder and furniture craftsman. Because no two pieces of wood are identical, Ken always hand selects his top wood for stiffness, tap tone, and response. He continually attends to the wood as he works each piece to optimize response and tonal resonance. To ensure that his guitars are conditioned for the widest range of humidity levels, his assembly room is kept at 45 relative humidity and 70 F temperature. With each guitar, he applies his woodworking skill and his musician's ear to find the balance point, where the instrument is light, responsive, and resonant, yet strong and durable.

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